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duly 英 ['djuːlɪ] 美 ['dʊli] adv. 适当地;充分地;按时地 n. (Duly)人名;(英)杜利

duly noted 注意到 The success of Celia and new healthotherm were duly noted at Felding-Roth corporate headquarters. 西莉亚和新型康健油的成功很快引起费尔汀-罗斯公司总部的注意。

其实这样断句就好理解了: Duly authorized to sign the Bid for , and on behalf of________ 从这个词组的意思:duly accredited agent正式委派的...

duly executed 正式签署 双语例句 1 It shall be duly executed by or on behalf of each mortgagor in the specified manner. 须由每名抵押人或其代表按指明方式妥为签立。 2 IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Agreement is duly executed by each Part...


duly authorized_百度翻译 duly authorized [词典] 正式授权; [例句]Its execution, delivery and performance of the Documents have been dulyauthorized by all necessary action.

正式合并 双语例句 1 Such crimes are therefore duly incorporated into Mexico's criminalsystem. 因此,墨西哥已适当地把这样的犯罪行为纳入该国的刑事制度。 2 It is our justified expectation that this position will be duly incorporat...

你好, 你确定是 LADED ON BOARD, 而不是loaded on board(已装船)? L/C上 要求提供及时盖章并签署的标明已装船的(清洁)提单,如提单上显示的是loaded on board (已装船)那完全符合要求。

这是要求在提单上标注或加盖'SHIPPED ON BOARD' 字样——如果船东或货代有这样的章,盖在所有正本提单上就是了(海运提单一般是三份)。

duly authorized 正式授权 [例句]Signature of transferee or its duly authorized agent. 承让人或其正式授权代表签署。 如对你有所帮助, 请采纳或给予好评, 如有其他疑问, 可以向我求助, O(∩_∩)O谢谢


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